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When a Wine Seduces Your Senses
By Diego Ganeo

As I have always said in many articles, it is really quite rare to me to express a complete and uncontested satisfaction when I taste a wine. This emotion – or it would be better to say “surprise” – happened to me last year, when I met Mr. R. Rancan, a joyful and happy man who entered Ca’ dei Conti in 2007, the vineyard that his family had managed for almost seventy years, since 1940. In this circumstance, I discovered his own small production of wine in the renowned area of Valpolicella.

I have tasted many Valpolicella Superiore DOC wines before but never ever I have tried a similar product. So let me try to explain my impressions.

The first thing that astonished me was, as I said before, the “surprise”. When you are going to taste a Valpolicella Superiore, your mouth and mind are ready to a certain kind of taste. Of course, you expect a full-bodied wine with some typical features common among the Northern Italian wines. These features are not the ones you are going to taste in the Valpolicella Superiore DOC by Ca’ dei Conti. Perhaps, it could appear more like an Amarone than a Valpolicella Superiore DOC to an expert.

Just smelling it, the nose is enchanted by deep and complex flavours. I have closed my eyes and let my mind travel around all the hints that this wine gave to me. Chocolate, vanilla, leather, oak are clearly perceivable, and also some nuances of toasted and animals aromas. The intensity of the scent is high and persistent.

If the nose has not been captured enough, the mouth will complete the escalation of feelings, giving the final positive judgment. It is in the mouth that it is possible to feel the true power of this wine. This Valpolicella Superiore DOC is balanced, full-bodied (indeed it has 15% alc. vol.).

Now, to the inexperienced “listeners” this wine could sound like something strange or new. But actually, there is nothing new. The vinemaker has simply retrieved some dated grapes that were grown in the Valpolicella area many years ago. One of these grapes is the so called “Oseleta”. This grape shows certain features that gives the wine a particular body and color. Nowadays, the Oseleta grape can be considered one of the most prestigious and top valued grape in Northern Italy. In the Valpolicella Superiore DOC by Ca’ dei Conti, there is a 5% of Oseleta that makes the difference.

It is a wine that can be ideally paired with important main courses based on grilled or stewed meat. Even better with game. In the meantime, it is a meditation wine, that could be perfectly appreciated alone, in front of fireplace.

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