9 Facts You Never Knew About A Winery
By Alfred Ardis

When you think of wine, do you picture a gorgeous place setting for two; a sultry bottle of red; people stomping on grapes in a bucket, or maybe even a gorgeous vineyard and winery? If you’re a wine enthusiast, you may have thought of the winery, but do you know how fascinating those places are? Here’s a list of facts you may not have known.

1. They’re Mostly Located In Industrial Areas

You’ve probably got an image of rolling hills and gorgeous rows of grape vines with a quaint little stone building. Actually, that’s not at all how most wineries look. They’re usually located in urban and industrial areas. You might be wondering, well where do they grow the grapes? That brings us to our next fact.

2. Grapes Are Shipped In From All Over

Now that you know wineries don’t actually grow the grapes, you won’t be surprised to hear that they import their grapes from other areas. Some grapes needed in the United States are grown in Colorado, for example.

3. Wine Is Shipped Worldwide

From local vineyards to shelves across the world, some of the largest wineries ship their products all across the globe.

4. Some Are Immensely Exclusive

Some of the producers are so exclusive that the only way to get their products is to approach them directly. They usually only deal with locals, thus cutting down on marketing and shipping costs. This also creates an air of luxury around the brand.

5. There’s a Winery On Every Continent Except…

I’ll give you a guess at the only continent on Earth that doesn’t have one of these alcohol production sites. You guessed it! Antarctica is the only continent without one!

6. Some Wine Is Only Sold In The Tasting Rooms

All of that hard work has to be sampled before it’s sold. Some facilities only sell their products straight from the tasting room. No grocery store shelves for these wines-just exclusivity and lots of taste testing!

7. Fermentation Has Become A Science

Natural fermentation of the delicious little fruits takes about a week, however that wouldn’t develop very much color or flavor. The expert winemakers extend this process a few weeks to develop the rich flavors and colors people would expect from quality wine.

8. Tours Are Vital

Some faculties love to open their doors to the public. Oftentimes, this helps drive their sales, as you’ve read. Touring a winery is a great way to have fun and learn something new.

9. Food Is Served

Along with the tours, some facilities serve food, enticing customers to come on in. Of course, they’ll serve food that promotes their products, so if Italian isn’t your thing, then maybe you should look somewhere else for dinner.

Honestly, how many of those facts did you know? Unless you work at one of these facilities, chances are you learned something new!

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