Beer Of The Month Club

Beer Of The Month Club

Kris Calef
Dear Fellow Craft Beer Lover,

You or your gift recipient will enjoy:

Award-Winning, Hard-to-Find Craft Beers
Selections by Our Panel of Brewmasters
International Variety — Choose From Five Clubs
Detailed Tasting Notes and Brewery Profiles
Flexible Gift Ordering — Personalized Gift Message
After more than 20 years as the President of The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club™, I’m as passionate about beer as I was when we started. And I’d like to share that passion for exploration and discovery with you. The same panel of brewmasters and beer judges formed in 1994 meets regularly to ensure that you receive quality, exciting, and innovative craft beers each month. We drink a lot of bad beer…So you don’t have to. And we’re so proud of our selections that we archive online our tasting notes for every beer that we’ve ever featured.

I stand by every bottle and can of craft beer we select. We take our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee quite seriously, priding ourselves in building relationships by knowing our product and offering responsive, care-driven customer service.

Compare Us & See Why We’re The Best Craft Beer Club


The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club
$27.95 per month plus $15 S&HJoin or Gift This Club
Members get twelve, 12-oz. microbrewed beers from two different lightly distributed U.S. Microbreweries. Each shipment includes four different beer styles, three bottles or cans of each style, and our monthly newsletter detailing tasting notes, beer specifications, brewery profiles, suggested food pairings, and more.

The U.S. and International Variety Beer Club
$32.95 per month plus $15 S&HJoin or Gift This Club
Offering the greatest variety, our most popular club features domestic and international beers from both U.S. craft breweries as well as imported selections from time-honored breweries in some of the world’s most respected brewing countries such as Germany, Belgium and England. Members get twelve, 12-oz. beers including four different beer styles from both US and imported breweries, three bottles or cans of each style, and our monthly newsletter.

The Hop Heads Beer Club
$32.95 per month plus $15 S&HJoin or Gift This Club
For those who can’t get enough IPAs and other hoppy beers, The Hop-Heads Beer Club™ offers a variety of hoppy beer styles, including IPAs, Double IPAs, Session IPAs, IPLs, Imperial IPLs, Session IPLs, hoppy Pale and Red Ales, and more from two or more breweries each month. The focus is not just on beers that have bitter hop profiles, but also beers that explore the many hop flavors and aromas available to today’s brewers. Members get twelve, 12-oz. beers in each shipment, which includes 3 different beers (4 bottles or cans of each) from both U.S. and imported breweries, and our monthly newsletter.

The International Beer Club
$34.95 per month plus $15 S&HJoin or Gift This Club
For those most interested in exploring international beers crafted abroad, members of our International Beer Club get twelve, 12-oz. beers from two different imported breweries. Each shipment includes two different beer styles, six bottles or cans of each style, and our monthly newsletter.

The Rare Beer Club
Founded by Michael Jackson, the world’s leading authority on beer, The Rare Beer Club® offers limited-release or exclusive U.S. and imported craft beers. You’ll get two different beers each month in 750-ml bottles, including Farmhouse Ales, Russian Imperial Stouts, Belgian Abbey Ales, varied Imperial and Grand Cru offerings, oak and other cask-aged ales, and much more. Our Personalized Shipment Program™ ensures you’ll never get a beer you don’t want to get.

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