Wine of the Month Club

Wine of the Month Club

The International Wine of the Month Club

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Dear Fellow Wine Lover,

My passion is, and always has been, fine wines. The two-tier tasting panel selection process we developed for The International Wine of the Month Club™ ensures we feature wines that are both extraordinary and rare at great values. You or your gift recipient will enjoy:

Estate Bottled Wines at Exceptional Values
An International Variety in Every Shipment
Hard-to-Find Vintages and Rare Finds
Cellar Notes Profiling Each Wine & Winery
Flexible Gift Ordering — Personalized Gift Message
Exploring the truly exciting world of wine can often be intimidating. I invite you to let us do the legwork for you. My team and I travel to top wine-producing regions inspecting vineyards, meeting with winemakers, and most importantly, tasting wines. We’re so proud of our featured wines that we’ve archived our Cellar Notes for each one back to 1999.

I stand by every bottle of wine we feature, and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and dedication to relationship-driven customer service will confirm your decision to entrust us with your business. My passion for wine spans many decades. I hope to share it with you.

International Wine of the Month Club

Fine Wines – Quality Over Quantity

For Every Celebration, for Christmas and New Year’s Eve – Quality Over Quantity Is the Choice!
By Toni Adams

The wine online sales has increased dramatically the last month as wine lovers prepare themselves for Christmas and new year’s celebrations. So the Australian wine is up with the trends and is changing from being cost and mass market driven, to more discerning and quality driven. What is going on in the wine online sales, read further and don’t be ignorant about wine facts.

The red wine growth is slightly ahead of white wine growth, and usually the weeks before Christmas celebrations, and with almost 10% move from average to fine wine, it makes an evident tendency. The trend has confused many wine sellers and most of them concentrate only on selling fine red wine, and forget about whites. On the other the wine online sales are growing steadily for the last few years and it is a trend which has stable increase. The online sales have grown, just form the fact that the consumers nowadays trust the online market to a higher level, purchasing from online wine merchants has become more convenient, once you don’t have to stop at wine shops, purchase, and carry the bottles home.

It is known that the consumers in a recession consume less but want their products to be the best and finest quality, therefore the online wine merchants nowadays offer 6 bottle cases rather than 12 bottles. As a result the consumers are purchasing up to premium quality wines online.

This also has a positive effect for old world wines and not only those, also the Special Mediterranean, French, Italian and others as consumer’s pursuit the finer wine choice ahead of Australian and New Zealand wines.

The trend of online fine wines especially around holidays such as Christmas and New Year, the old world and premium quality wines trading is predicted to increase to a higher point as we get closer to holidays, which can only be good for producers as well as consumers.

The new generation of online traders are trying to demystify the vino online, and provide bigger choice and they are also using the concept of food and wine matching to drive trial of new tastes and wines from different points such as Lebanon, Canada etc.

One is for certain, this market will not change from ordinary to fine ones but the customer’s choice will continue to attract wine online, and the real benefit of it is discovering tastes that you have never seen in the real world.

Wine online Australia suppliers are promoting the idea of quality over quantity wine and to ensure responsible drinking trends are adopted. So why not follow the trends and share this spirit for the holidays and enjoy Premium quality fine wine from an online store.

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