How To make Wine Video Course

how to make wine video coruse

How To make Wine Video Course

Simple Video Step by Step Course

Use our video step by step guide to discover all wine making secrets with the comfort from your home. Watch more than 21 easy to follow videos, text explanations and images to become your own winemaker

Complete illustrated step by step guide to make own wine at home. In the course the buyers will find more than 21 videos, a lot of texts and images. This course was created by two German winemakers. They first started a video course in how to make wine in Germany. It has gained hundreds of lead so that this course was translated now into English.

Look at how simple this course makes it for you to make delicious wine… Inside the modules you’ll learn:
Module 1 – Fundamentals in wine making

In this chapter we will show you everything you need to get started…

Which mistakes you don’t want to do! What is important to know about the fruits/grapes you want to ferment and where you can get it and how to prepare it.

Your start will be accurate to get a perfect wine.
Module 2 – Field guide

In this chapter we will show you all secrets in how to make wine. You will find a lot of recipes (e.g. white wine, red wine, fruit wines, etc.) to start almost immediately.

Everything is written and described in plain English. It will be easy to follow the steps and you don’t need a PhD in chemistry to understand them.

You are getting detailed explanations on fermentation, yeasts, racking, fining, bottling, and more.

All steps are described for home production that you don’t need to convert figures. Start easy and immediately.
Module 3 – Special knowledge

This module will show you inside information in wine making. You get a advantage that other home winemakers don’t have.

You will discover how to..
..create an irresistible aroma
..get easy the right amount of sugar
..harmonize your wine to make a amazing tasting wine
..what and how to measure.
Module 4 – Additives

Use additives to get the best out of your wine.

You will find out how to use them to boost your wines flavor. If you don’t have these information you can harm your wine.

But no worries, we will show you how to use them right. You will discover the tricks to make your wine the best it can be!
As if this wasn’t enough… You are also going to receive these bonus materials

Bonus 1 – Real winemaker from Stellenbosch reveals his secrets in making perfect wine

stellenbosch-winemakerWe have interviewed another real expert in making wine for you. He is a chief winemaker of a big winery in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

He will outline to you all his secrets he has gained in 15 years of making wine.
Bonus 2 – Automatic converting potential alcohol chart

With this potential alcohol chart you will have a unfair benefit towards all winemakers who it don’t possess.

Put in your figures and the chart will automatically convert everything for you. You will know how much sugar you will need to get your desired alcohol content.

It’s work like magic.

Bonus 3 – How to taste wine

Did you ever asked yourself how to taste wine like a professional oenophile? We will show it to you in our bonus video about wine tasting.

How To make Wine Video Course